M-VIDEO offers full video production services in Melbourne and abroad – freelance services, fully equipped crews, post-production and voiceover facilities as well as editorial advice on content creation.

We’re as comfortable working onsite with a client as we are following a brief – either way, we aim to provide the best possible content for your video.


M-VIDEO and music it's like a love story. Here as musicians, we understand exactly what is best for your video. We take the time to listen to your music and understand the atmosphere of your universe.

Equipped with our team of creators, we will exceed your expectations. 

With our filmmaking knowledge and experience combined with professional gear,

we provide outstanding cinematic footage


M-VIDEO has a wealth of experience from creative media, film production.

Providing specialist aerial services for a wide variety of clients, 

including corporate videos, real estate, sports, events, commercials & TV. 

Our team has travelled around the world capturing and selecting the best aerial footage.

That includes footage from nature, cities, landscapes and more. 

This footage is ready for distribution upon request.


M-VIDEO captures and documents your whole event to meet your specific requirements.

Documentaries, concerts, festivals, private events, sports, races and more


CORPORATE   We provide videos that communicate the vision of your business or organisation

PROMOTIONAL  Have a product idea or a service you wanna share? We create original content to make sure your brand flourish and communicate its message.

MOTION GRAPHICS   We can deliver a quick motion graphic animation to your business

Assisting Clients With Video Production in Melbourne and Beyond